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Update 2 : iPhone 5 pictures are finally revealed. These are leaked images of iPhone 5 repair parts by iLab Factory blog who acquired the details from a  reliable source close to iPhone 5 manufacturing plant in Foxconn , China . These are the final parts of the iPhone 5 that is going to be released in 12th September 2012 .


iphone 5 pictures iphone 5

Update : Here are the latest pictures of iPhone 5 on Apple.com. This is a test page and not available to the public . Click on the images to enlarge : Source

apple iphone 5

This page contains all images of concept iphone 5 coming up in year 2011 June . These images of iphone 5 are not released officially by Apple nor approved. These are created by designers from around the world . Some design are unique and some are hard to manufacture in commercial-scale.

iPhone 5 screen

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Iphone 5 will have better interface with iOS 5.0 installed on it giving enhanced notification that will stun you. Better multi-touch screen and faster processor will power the iphone 5 .

Iphone 5 Pictures :




We collected pictures of a strange iPhone that has been spread widely on Chinese technology forums and blogs . iPhone 5 Prototype photos leaked . An exclusive preview of the new iPhone 5 here . We are all set to see how much improved reception iphone 5 gets compared to the iPhone 4 with antenna gate issues . iPhone 5 this is going to change everything all over again . Apple iPhone 5 Features Announced Verizon Wireless is currently testing a CDMA version of the iPhone 5 .

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Dont forget to Subscribe to our Posts via email to get the latest Iphone 5 Pictures .




iphone 5 real pic

iPhone5 picture 2011

Update : Here are few more pics that you would like to enjoy . These are based on the Apple magic mouse concept with curved back . Though it is highly unlikely that the design will never be real and come into production , but a great idea .



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